DyCM lambasts Omar’s statement on PDP-BJP Alliance

Avtar Bhat
JAMMU, Feb 2: Taking serious exception to the statement of former Chief Minister and National Conference (NC), Legislature Party leader, Omar Abdullah which he made on the floor of State Assembly today while participating on the discussions of Home Ministry’s grants, Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh termed it “totally unfortunate and insulting.” Click here to watch video
Quickly reacting to the statement, the Deputy CM said that it does not behold good for a politician like Omar Abdullah who has remained the Chief Minister of the State and was also a Minister in Atal Behari Vajpayee led NDA Government during 1998 to 2004.
Nirmal Singh, while talking to reporters outside Assembly took a potshot at NC leader and said he was shocked to hear the statement of Omar Abdullah who was the first speaker on the grants of Home Ministry presented by Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti in the House today.
“The way he referred to a Greek story “Devil and a Man’’ he tried to insult the present political dispensation in the State as well as at the Centre. This way he also insulted the mandate of the people of the world’s largest democracy’’, he added.
He said “I do not speak so aggressively but I felt the statement of NC leader totally bad and my sentiments were also hurt’’, he added.
“I was totally disappointed by the speech of Omar Abdullah the way he referred to the Greek story and the man’’, he said, adding this way he has hurt the sentiments of the people also who voted for BJP in the State and country.
Dr Singh said Omar Abdullah tried to polarize the situation on communal lines, regional lines and J&K versus India which is totally disgusting. “I felt it very bad and the respect which I was having for the NC leader has also lowered’’, he added.
Taking a dig at NC leader, he said this way he is trying to exploit the situation on communal lines. “Innocent people are dying and killed by Pakistani firing and he as well as his party is doing politics on the innocent lives.”
The Deputy Chief Minister while lambasting the Omar Abdullah said “what message he wants to convey this way and his image in my eyes has lowered to a great extent’’.
Ridiculing the statement, he said he was also in the same situation when he was a Minister at Centre in BJP Government and today he is raising fingers on BJP and spilling the venom about us which is unfortunate.
He said by such statements Omar Abdullah and his party is trying to add fuel to fire and exploit the situation to the hilt. “This is not expected from the so called mainstream political parties,” the Deputy CM added.
Nirmal Singh said basically NC can’t digest the alliance between PDP and BJP as they have been ousted from power after people of the State gave mandate to present dispensation and their monopoly ended.
He said how come Omar Abdullah is speaking such a language when he was a Union Minister in BJP Government for four years and had defended its every action. “If Omar Abdulalh’s party ally with BJP then every thing is good and when PDP joins alliance with BJP the NC gets perturbed, he added.