Drugmulla Bridge’s 16 years’ tale

Construction work on a bridge in Drugmulla area of North Kashmir’s Kupwara district started 16 years ago is still incomplete. In almost all weather conditions especially during raining season, crossing the river by using boats is fraught with risks especially school going boys and girls being vulnerable . Most of the time, they prefer not to go to schools. When the water level rises in the river, boatmen refuse to ferry people to and fro which results the areas getting cut off from one another. It is no one’s baby, least any cause of concern in the Government as to why this 450 meters long bridge which connects dozens of villages could not be completed even after 16 years.
People of the area are suffering as for completing a short distance of one kilometre, a minimum of one hour is spent by them for the purpose. The people are indignant to the extent of believing that the administration had forgotten them as they had forgotten the said bridge. When officials are contacted, the same diagnosis of the ailment is repeated -“shortage of funds”. Funds have not been sanctioned and only after they are sanctioned and released, could the work restart on this bridge. But when, that is what the people ask and we too want to know.