Deferment of KAS Exams

After completing graduation the youth of India enters the labour force but because of lack of appropriate skills and proper counselling a major proportion donot find suitable jobs. At the same time the charisma and aura of civil services attracts a large proportion of graduates. Students start preparing for civil services at a young age and enter into the world of competition at National as well as State levels.
Let us take the case of J&K, 35000 aspirants have filled up the forms of JK combined competitive preliminary exam in 2018 for mere 71 vacancies. The preliminary exam was scheduled to be conducted on 2 Sept 2018. A lot of hard work had been put by the serious aspirants but at the eleventh hour a bunch of non serious candidates approached the authorities and by just listening to those handful non serious people the authorities postponed the exam.
It is a principle of natural justice that no one should be punished unheard but in this case the hardworking aspirant has been put to inconvenience without any valid reason.
Now the deferment gang is planning to halt the process by filling a case in court. If this happens, then a pandora’s box will be open and no one can predict the outcome. The aspirants who have burnt the midnight oil are at the receiving end. A few bad precedents have already been set in the State of J&K regarding the conduct of mains exam 2016. This gave confidence to the non serious candidates and once again they are trying to hijack the system.
There are a lot of negative fallouts of deferment of process. Firstly, a large proportion of working capital gets stuck in the process and is not available in the market as labour force. This can have repercussion on the growth rate of the State as well as Nation. Secondly postponement takes toll on mental health of serious candidates and reduces their efficiency and even sometimes lead to frustration. Thirdly it has set a bad precedent for the future. Fourthly it creates a temporary shortage of manforce in administration. Fifhly the new students who complete graduation donot get the opportunity to compete and they may get demotivated. Sixthly, precious years of youth are destroyed in uncertainity.
Sonu Rajput
For Intellectual Forum