Cong only credible voice of J&K people: Bhalla

Senior Cong leader Raman Bhalla interacting with people in Chatha area on Sunday.
Senior Cong leader Raman Bhalla interacting with people in Chatha area on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Nov 18: Terming Congress party as a movement to establish a new system of justice and equality, former minster and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla today claimed that his party acts as genuine and credible voice of the people of State through its convictions and visionary policies.
Interacting with prominent persons of Chatta area in Gandhi Nagar constituency , Bhalla said that it was matter of satisfaction that Congress has emerged as strong political force in the State as well as a credible voice of the people of the State. He maintained that Congress’s agenda of the peace and development was again seen positively welcomed as a serious state-wide political force with credibility and established credentials in governance and political acumen.
Bhalla claimed PDP-BJP coalition as a “complete failure”, saying the government proven to be a policy and governance “nightmare” for the state. “All self-marketed myths of both parties stood exposed as the PDP-BJP coalition government has turned out to be a complete failure that stood on an ever-mounting pyre of broken promises and U-turns.
“From 2005 to 2014, both BJP and PDP propaganda machinery wanted us to believe that they were the only magical solution to all vexed political and economic problems that others had only tried to solve in right earnest. Today, these myths about them stand shattered, Bhalla added.”
Not only have they broken every single political promise that they had made to garner votes, but their government has also proven to be a policy and governance nightmare for the State. He alleged that BJP used emotive slogans to exploit the sentiments of the people and ditched them at the first sight of power. “Their truck with PDP was unarguably the most opportunistic U-turn in the history of J&K and this proved to be the final nemesis of the party,” Bhalla said.
Accusing the BJP of bartering away the pride and honor of people of Jammu region to satisfy its lust for power, he appealed Jammuites to oppose, expose and depose the BJP’s juggernaut for its sheer opportunism.