Conduct of KAS Exams 2018

Refer DE dated Sep 08/2018, deferment of KAS Exams 2018. The pro youth, National approach of the author is praise worthy and deserves all appreciation. We endorse the views in full letter and spirit and make and humble appeal to the Governor of State S P Malik to ensure all fool proof arrangements for the smooth conduct of exams KAS 2018 in scheduled time with no further postponement. The JKPSC be directed to complete all legal formalities, seek the opinion of Law Department and file the cavet in the Hon’ble Court of Law, in order to close all the corridors detrimental in getting ”stay order” by the well defined, well spelled the ”deferment gang”, a bunch of non serious candidates who want to block the exam process with the one pretext or the other.
Further, the JKPSC should stick in its holy agenda of holding the exams on schedule and the national level pattern i.e UPSC we adopted in toto by issuing the advance exams calendar in future years to come.
Rahul Singh
(University of Jammu
Kathua Campus)