City of traffic jams needs more flyovers

The City of Temples, with each passing day, is befuddled with more vehicles getting added on its narrow roads resulting in traffic jams to the extent of being very arduously managed. The result is more pollution, more noise by way of irritable and unnecessary honking,more wastage of time, more confusion and chaos.
The immediate solution to the problem lies in constructing of flyovers and widening of roads, attaching with the existing ones, the available patches of space from both sides of the existing roads. Both these solutions in a practical shape are nowhere visible. How long , then , shall the present situation be allowed to continue which is addled in nature,destined only to go from bad to worse day by day . It is not that the likely solutions to the entire problems are not in the knowledge of the Government but it seems the very thought to go whole hog against it is making it weak at knees.If it is not that, then what explains the two flyover projects proposed by Gulam Nabi Azad led Government in 2007-08 lying in deep freeze.
The twin flyover projects on busy Jewel Chowk, Canal road and BC road – Rehari Chungi – Ambphalla roads are required badly as never before. What are the hitches and the stumbling block faced by the State Government in proceeding ahead with framing and execution of the much desired projects excepting the same broken record played and replayed singing the weary song of “scarcity of funds”? Neither was there any rationale in just merely sanctioning the project in 2007 worth Rs.30 crores by the then Congress and PDP Coalition Government excepting attempting to earning a few brownie points as no matching funds were earmarked or provided for in annual Budgets nor any justification in dropping the project by the successive Coalition Government of Congress National Conference. That the State Government took the alibi of not having funds to pay as compensation to those who owned the land meant to be acquired for the purpose is decried.
We do not wholly agree with this view point but blame squarely goes to the peculiar mindset of indifference of the State Governments towards this vital issue. It could all be seen interestingly in the light of and despite the Asian Development Bank having agreed to finance the project. The question, however, relates to who took sincere interest in the issue? Who followed it up with the ADB through the Central Government? Could details of such itinerary be heard right from the horse’s mouth to come clean of the people casting aspersions on the State Government? The recently fallen apart coalition of BJP – PDP Government too did not take the issue further from a point where it was dropped by the previous State Government.
People cannot exonerate State Government, the Jammu based leaders and legislators and even the Cabinet Ministers in the two previous Governments who were from Jammu region for keeping mum and constantly remaining in mute mode and deliberately but knowingly failing in their duty to play their role and wage a struggle while in office for getting these projects cleared. We urge the Government to treat the resolution of the issue on priority as we shall be monitoring the same closely and periodically.