China’s move at UNSC fails again

Its implied commitment to keep its ‘friend’ Pakistan in momentary good humour, more so after the Indian Parliament last year passed the Reorganisation Bill of Jammu and Kashmir making two UTs out of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir. China is up to its game again by proposing to rake up the dead issue of Kashmir at UN Security Council despite the fact that the other members are poised to oppose the move. It is not that China does not know about it but just to lend credence to ‘quid pro quo’ , as a reward to Pakistan in having virtually given in before it by allowing building of the Economic Corridor passing through Pakistan occupied Kashmir which impinges upon India’s rights of the entire PoK since it is belonging to it.
The UN otherwise no longer carries the unwanted burden of a non-dispute with it in the form of Kashmir and has even removed it from the list of disputed issues though Pakistan has been frantically raising the ‘issue’ at the world body and excepting China no one supports Pakistan. It may be recalled that in a similar attempt made by China last month was aborted and frustrated by other members like France, US, Russia, UK. However, it is definite that China shall have to draw a flak this time as well.