Chandrayan-2 launch before March 2018: ISRO Chief

ISRO installs on-board cameras for double confirmation
ISRO installs on-board cameras for double confirmation

BENGALURU: After the success of Chandrayan-1, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is in the process of integrating the orbitor, while testing on the crucial lander and rover was in the final stages ISRO Chief A S Kiran Kumar today said.

He said the orbitor was almost ready and the integration process had began and ISRO was working on Lander, rober and other instruments that are being tested and will be ready for deployment.

”The launch into the Lunar Orbit will happen in first quarter of 2018”, he said. Mr Kumar said total integration plans are in place and we are looking at launch of Chandrayan 2 on time as final tests will happen in December this year.

Meanwhile, the ISRO Chief said the failure of PSLV-C39 carrying IRNSS-1H early this year was a combination of technical and environmental problems. (AGENCIES)