Can J&K achieve renewable energy targets ?

Ostensibly, it is not the question of renewable energy alone, the culture of fixing and achieving working targets is unusual and incongruous in Jammu and Kashmir while it is the key to success in annual production , output, turnover and dividends in almost all sectors of the economy. Not going into the abstract technicalities of the subject , it is unlikely that the targets fixed by Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy for Jammu and Kashmir for harnessing all forms of renewable energy would be achieved. There is no revision in the budget of Jammu and Kashmir Energy Development Agency nor has so far the Renewable Energy Corporation been established in the State although the State Cabinet had duly accorded its approval thereto.
What are the causes are not very difficult to be identified. To start with, unfortunately for this State, there are other priorities which consume maximum attention and focus of the administration which otherwise could have been diverted for more productive purposes. That scenario opaquely play spoilsport to the basic belief or faith in the process of setting, achieving and trying to surpass the targets. How we could visualise what the entire task or assignment is all about, depends upon the extent of faith in the system and what that was that all about. How to get it down or start working on it followed by the purpose and the commitment is equally important. Here, the administrative and departmental authorities in the State are, we are afraid, not much zealous to exhibit leadership qualities which entails how the team would stay focussed. It is equally important to lineate the plan of action. Is there a set and concrete plan of action as to how 1150 Mega Watts could be tapped though the State is blessed with a potential many times as much. Is the bureaucratic leadership infusing the spirit of convincing the golden principle of “No time like the present one”? Sorry, we have our fingers crossed.
Time, to call a spade a spade, is ruthlessly wasted, if not grossly violated in our State administrative set up which is evident in almost all projects undertaken whether by State or private agencies , latter depending heavily on ancillary support from the State. Central Government, while setting up or fixing targets for any objective is largely conditioned by how States responded to by achieving their bit of assigned goal as Union Ministry in the instant case had decided to set up 100 Giga Watt of solar power capacity by the year 2022 . For this, it has distributed the targets among the States including Jammu and Kashmir from where, based on surveys and studies made , more is expected than allotted. At least in this area , our State could have earned laurels because of solar power potential of over 111.05 Giga Watt which after Rajasthan, is the second highest in the country . Shift from dependence on conventional to solar, wind and other renewable resources would herald a new, innovative, eco friendly and cheap power availability and a paltry target of 1.15 Giga Watt for the State was tantamount to be a name sake, if not a joke for a target. The two main reasons enumerated in the foregoing lines and lack of professionalism and a peculiar zeal are stumbling block for reaching up to any respectable levels, let alone achieving the very meagre targets. Could these be addressed on priority by the Government as this State can really lead from the front in this area of performance looking to available potential, talent and promise in those vested with the task?