BJP toppling Govts with money power, threats: Rahul

AHMEDABAD: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi Friday claimed that the BJP uses “money power” and “intimidation” to topple Governments and accused the saffron party of doing the same in Karnataka.

Sixteen MLAs including 13 from the Congress, have resigned and two Independents have withdrawn support to the 13-month-old Congress-JD(S) coalition Government in the southern state.

“BJP uses money power or threat to topple governments wherever it can. You saw this first in Goa, in the Northeast, and now are trying to do the same in Karnataka. It is their way of functioning. They have money, power, and they use it. This is the reality,” Gandhi told reporters here.

“The Congress is fighting for truth, because truth makes Congress stronger,” he said in reply to a question on what his party would do now. (AGENCIES)