Advisory Committee for admission to professional courses

A welcome step taken by the Governor’s administration to bring about expected transparency in the functioning of J&K Board of Professional Entrance Examination in respect of admission to the professional courses by appointing an Advisory Committee. However, the life of such committee being only for two years is not comprehended. The Committee has been tasked to formulate policies and guidelines to smoothen on clear and transparent lines, the entire exercise of admissions to professional courses. Perhaps, it could act as an Ombudsman too in case some provisions of the formulated policies were reported to have been bypassed and violated, which is, however, not specified .
The two main ingredients of the admission exercise, that of counselling and timely conclusion of the process of admission, being of utmost importance shall be monitored by the Committee and that must be a point of satisfaction for the aspiring candidates . What is further needed is to have the Committee play its role in strengthening the existing infrastructure and approve contingency plans, if need arose. The Committee having 22 members on it gives it a wider scope of functioning.