A ray of hope for arthritis

Excelsior Correspondent
Thanks to ancient science Ayurveda which came up with a unique wonder drug under the name of S.Compound.
Work on herb was started in the year 1974 and ultimately it was confirmed that the herb has great potential in inflammatory conditions. However, its role on arthritis was explored because it was the most neglected disease by the scientists and Medical fraternity. The available pain killers were causing huge harm to our body systems and some of the available pain killers were even banned in Europe.
The herbal medicine S.Compound was compared with Phenylbutazone by the scientists of Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow in the year 1983 and was found better in efficacy
Controlled Clinical trials were carried out on human beings suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis; Is not only its efficacy was confirmed but it was also found safe in long duration. The research work was published in Eastern Pharmacist which was reported by country’s premier News Agency United News of India on 21.06.1982 0under the caption: Hope for arthritis patients. The news states Jammu Pharmaceutical firm has developed an Ayurvedic Medicine that may prove a ray of hope for arthritis patients. It was observed during trials conducted in patients suffering from chronic Rheumatoid arthritis that the drug afforded between 70 and 80 percent relief with regard to swelling in joints and tenderness, morning stiffness, walking time and patients own impression of overall disease activity. According to Eastern Pharmacist, a leading pharmaceutical journal, it appears that the drug acts on the basic pathological process responsible for the genesis of Rheumatoid arthritis.
Due to coverage in large number of Indian News Papers, Indian Health Minister gave. A statement in November 1983 that Rahul Pharma Jammu developed an Ayurvedic drug in the name of S.Compound .The main ingredient of the drug is Salai sGuggul. This drug is claimed to be very effective for the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis.
Former Union Minister of State for Commerce Shantilal Patel while speaking to Indian Express on 29.05.2004 stated that Arthritis is one of the most painful diseases and has increased many folds due to change in life style of people, he said,based on his experiences, that the persons who live a sedentary life are the most affected people.
Patel, while narrating an example, said that his wife was suffering from arthritis of the knee joint. The doctors at Ahmedabad and Delhi advised number of painkillers and physiotherapy treatment but without any significant relief. Finally the doctors at the Central Government Health Scheme, Delhi prescribed the drug “S.Compound” an Ayurvedic medicine manufactured by Jammu based company Rahul Pharma. He stated that the drug was so effective that within four weeks there was a marked improvement in the condition of his wife. He said that he consulted the discoverer of this wonder drug Dr.VirenderMahajan who has been awarded National Award by the President of India and even by the J&K Government for his outstanding contribution in the field of Ayurvedic research.
Dr. Mahesh Chander Sharma, senior Ayurveda Physician described S.Compound as a wonder drug and confirmed its role in cancer. He stated that when used with conventional drugs of cancer in terminal cases, I had observed that the drug maintain Quality of the patient. He confirmed that S.Compound has more than 70-80% success rate in Rheumatoid arthritis patients. However ir checks the further aggravation of joints in early stages
The developer of the Drug Dr.Virender Mahajan who devoted his almost all his life today is the happiest person because the plant on which he started working in 1974 is also known by the name of his drug S.Compound; its reference can be seen in number of reference books of Europe, USA. Dr.Mahajan who graduated in Ayurveda in 1970 was given Doctor of Science by Sri Lanka University. He was given National Award 1986 by , The President of India and J&K Government Award on the occasion of Independence Day 1988.Dr. Mahajan was former President Board of Unani and Ayurvedic Systems of Medicines. He is also connected with number of research and professional organisations in India and Abroad.
Dr.Mahajan has made a very big offer to research Institutions for free supply of S.Compound. He has organised number of Camps in J&K and outside J&K for arthritis & allied ailments
Mr Sudhir Arora, one of the leading Chartered Accountant of Jammu who had a severe attack of arthritis which made him crippled told the Excelsior that the drug S.Compound gave him a new lease of life because “I was very much depressed with arthritis. It is really a Make in India product and should be promoted by all means. He also confirmed that the product was exhibited by Indian High Commission in Vienna as Make in India product in April 2016.”