5G Technology Adoption

5G Technology Adoption
5G Technology Adoption

5G or the fifth generation technology in coming days will be inevitable in the near future as it will drastically change the user experience with much faster download and upload speeds. In a handful of cities in India including Bengaulru and New-Delhi where it has been launched on the trial basis by the telecom providers, the users are experiencing blazing fast speeds. While the 5G services were launched around a couple of years back in most of the developed countries, in India it was launched only in October this year.

When the 4G was launched over a decade ago it totally transformed mobile applications and allied services. Now 5G will lead us to another era. The internet speeds on 5G at its peak, could touch 10 Gbps, compared to the 100 Mbps peak of 4G.

At present most of the mobiles phones support 4G, but in coming days, say in the year’s time when 5G will be fully rolled out the consumers will need 5G enabled smart phones. However, top handset manufacturers have started rolling out 5G software updates.  However there is no need to change the SIM as the existing 4G SIM of main service providers is 5G enabled.

The 5G technology will be a boon for the customers who will experience the superfast High-Definition video streaming, gaming, multiple chatting, instant uploading of photos. Launched over a month back-telecom operators Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel will be the first to make the services available in a few cities in the country in the first phase. The other operators too will be launching the services shortly in the country. It is expected that in the next couple of years, the 5G services will be available across the country including the remote areas.

However, the 5G service is going to cost more to the consumers as it will charge them almost double the existing billing. Currently, Airtel is offering 5G data at the same price as its 4G plans. Meanwhile, Jio 5G suggested that its 5G rates will be very affordable. With improved service quality significantly, the customer will be willing to pay more for goods and services.  Moreover 5G technology is expected to plug the loopholes, which in turn will fix the glitches that cause call drops and linkage issues.

Due to its blazing fast download speed, the data is going to get exhausted quickly.  Once the applications for metaverse, cloud gaming, 4K and 8K streaming come into the picture, data consumption will rise further.

In coming days the 5G enabled smartphones will become a necessity, as most of the software upgrades would only be available on them and the consumers will have no other option but to replace their handsets. In fact many budget phones are coming with 5G support, while the many premium and mid-range phones have already started introducing 5G phones in the markets. The prices of 5G enabled smartphones too will start coming down in near future due, as major companies have started manufacturing such devices.

The 5G technology will be a game changer as it is tipped to boost the economy with its use spanning to healthcare, engineering, financial services among others. With faster speeds, it is going to be far easier to access key developments, findings, reports, which in turn will save time and improve efficiency.  It is expected that 5G will also spur economic growth by creating new industries and a wide variety of products.

As always, the elderly are going to find it somewhat hard to migrate to new technology, while the young will be more willing to accept it.  At present 5G  services are being offered in 13 cities.