Iran-India for terror free world

That India and Iran are on the same page in respect of seeing the world free from the scourge of terrorism may send ripples of despair to Pakistan for finding none in the comity of nations in implicit or explicit support to its state policy of promoting terrorism. Has the time come for a concerted global action against terrorism as it is not only trying to desperately spread its wings wide but has been adopting newer tactics of terrorizing the innocent and taking pride in spilling blood ? Dealing with this grave challenge to humanity, Iranian President Dr. Rouhani , on a state visit to India, and Prime Minister Narindra Modi  had in their talks, this issue discussed prominently. Pooh poohing “selective” approach in combating terrorism, both countries unequivocally stressed upon the need to condemn those countries that aid, abet and support terror groups. Both the leaders called on the international community to end selective or partial approaches to combating terrorism and impressed upon the need to make every effort to reach an agreement on and convene a comprehensive convention in respect of  international terrorism at the UN General Assembly.
Looking at the menace of terrorism in a comprehensive way, the joint statement said the two leaders expressed their conviction that the fight against terrorism should not only seek to disrupt and eliminate terrorists, terror net works but should also identify and address conditions conducive to terrorism as well as extremist ideologies. Needless to add, the statement attaches no less attention to extremism, the igniter of terrorism and providing the requisite fuel , the oxygen to terrorism to sustain , in the absence of which it was likely to crumble into shreds. In other words, radicalization and hard core fundamentalism were recognized as corner stones lending support base to terrorism.
Relations between the two countries are not new whether perused in historic perspective or from the angle of exchanging cultural and trade relations. Way back in early 1950, the two countries established diplomatic relations. No doubt, during the currency of cold war and Non aligned movement and even thereafter,  relations intermittently were in hiccups following Iranian revolution of 1979, Iran’s support to Pakistan though short lived and India’s close relations with Iraq during Iran – Iraq war, but never nose dived to a point of impeding of our mutual ties. Iran has been our traditional friend and even after India having reservations on Iran’s nuclear programme, mutual friendship between the two countries has remained deep and sustained. Both countries are in total agreement in opposing the Taliban unambiguously.
Both countries further reviewed the gamut of their bilateral relations while entering into as many as nine agreements like avoidance of double taxation, prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to taxes on Income and Extradition Treaty, the ones relating to agriculture, health and medicine and most importantly, leasing of phase 1 of Chabahar Port. It is pertinent to note that Iran underlines the commendable role of Indian efforts in developing Chabhar port and the plans to invest in setting up fertilizer, petro chemicals and metallurgy plants in free trade zone of the port. Feasibility of Rupee- Riyal arrangement and an Asian Clearing Union mechanism to establish functional payment channels was mooted out by both the countries in anticipation of a possible re- imposition of sanctions by the United States which could adversely affect bilateral trade. Interestingly, on Iran’s nuclear issue, President Rouhani said that both the countries have a “common viewpoint” that the commitment to the international agreement must be honoured. This development sounds important and much required in the interests of our trade with Iran. The Iranian President further said that we have decided to expand cooperation in natural gas and petro chemical sector. India has nearly 40% of refined oil requirement imported from Iran. In May 2016, Prime Minister Modi paid an official visit to Iran and the visit focused on bilateral connectivity and infrastructure, an energy partnership and trade. The recent official visit of President Rouhani to India attains much importance especially in the context of fight against terrorism and furthering bilateral trade.