Zendaya wants to go on mobile phone detox

LONDON, Jan 2:  Actress Zendaya says she wants to stay away from using her mobile phone this year.
“I’m definitely not the worst when it comes to looking at my phone. Like, if I’m chilling with somebody, I won’t be staring at my screen the whole time.
“But my mom recently took a pic of me looking down at my phone when were out to dinner. She captioned it, “dinner with @zendaya and her phone.” Sorry, mom! I just start scrolling and tune everybody out. Seriously, I’ve gotta do a detox. (sic)” she wrote on her official website.
But it is going to be tricky for her as in the new year she has decided to stop ignoring calls.
“It’s a bad habit, I know. But I get soooo many dang phone calls. I’ll see I have a missed call and straight up won’t respond for days.
“I just don’t feel like talking sometimes. My manager will literally call me five times in a row and I will decline every time. But, I don’t like to leave people hanging, so I’m gonna work on it! (sic).” (PTI)