Workshop held on prevention against bear, leopard attacks

Excelsior Correspondent

Srinagar, Feb 20: Army today said it organized a workshop on precautions against bear and leopard attacks for locals in Nohama village of Kulgam district.
A defence spokesman said Nohama and the adjoining areas are located on the foothills of Kadlabal ridge where the population lives in close vicinity of dense forest and abundant wildlife. “There have been numerous instances in the past when dangerous wild animals have been sighted in the residential areas.  Heavy snowfall and resultant lack of food in forest areas have led to increase in the number of incidents between humans and animals,” he said.
The spokesman said a large number of local representatives especially from areas near forest attended the workshop during which various precautionary measures were emphasized upon. “People were advised not to venture out alone in remote areas especially during evenings and night hours and if absolutely unavoidable, should carry adequate lighting equipment such as torches, lamps.
“The locals were also taught how to prepare mashals using local material and use of crackers to drive away the wild animals,” the defence spokesman added. He said the need to dispose food leftovers by burying or burning to avoid attracting wild animals and keeping  livestock in enclosed space was also highlighted besides cautioning people against leaving  children alone or unattended  in such areas as they are most vulnerable to such attacks.