Why this discrimination?

It is nothing short of glaring and hostile discrimination meted out to the employees of the Forest Department from Jammu Division by the State Government for reasons best known to them in respect of their regularization with retrospective effect as the same is not yet initiated. It is despite the fact that the State High Court has directed the Government to end hostile discrimination and issue orders of regularization of the concerned employees with retrospective effect. When it could be done with the employees of Kashmir division, then why not with the ones from this side of the tunnel? The one month period ordered by the Honb’le Court shows the importance accorded to the case from the parity angle. Furthermore, the High Court has ruled out applicability of provisions of Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Special Provision) Act 2010 in the case under reference.
Needless to add, the glaring instance of utter hostile discrimination meted out to a large number of employees of the Forest Department of the Jammu Division was brought into the notice of the State High Court through a petition titled Tarun Mehta and others versus State of Jammu and Kashmir and others. The instances of burgeoning discrimination with Jammu division can be confirmed and verified even by   this issue and the resultant knocking at the doors of the courts for seeking justice.  The affected employees were appointed as class 4 employees by the Forest Department by virtue of different orders issued in 1998-99 against clear vacancies. These orders were passed in both the divisions of the State. Out of 149 class 4 employees engaged in Kashmir Division, 128 were regularized well before the year 2000 when they completed the mandated 89 days of service. However, queer it may sound that such orders were not passed for employees of Jammu Division reminiscent of the practice of discrimination.
The PDP – BJP coalition Government in the State is expected to initiate steps which puts at rest the ingrained feelings of the people in Jammu Division that very often they stand discriminated against as the issue under reference bears testimony to that view. Apprehensions and fears of any sort that park at the mind set of looking at things not with parity must totally come to an end. Equality before law without any sort of discrimination is guaranteed by the constitution of India hence the Government is earnestly urged to implement the decision of the High Court without any ado, now.