West Pak refugees condemn remarks of Shiv Sena leader

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Feb 10: West Pakistani Hindu Refugee Front (WPHRF), has condemned the remarks of  Shiv Sena leader Dimpy Kohli with regard to the Article 370 and throwing away of Bangaldeshis, Rohingyas  and West Pak Refugees from the State.
A meeting of members of West Pakistani Hindu Refugee Front (WPHRF) was held at SIDCO Chowk, Bari Brahmana, under the Chairmanship of  Madan Lal Dubgotra, president WPHRF where members condemned the statement of Shiv Sena (Bala Sahib Thakrey), state president,   Dimpy Kohli, in relation to West Pakistani Refugees quoting Article 370 of Constitution of India, as published in section of press  on Feb 10, 2017.
Dimpy  has stated that as per Article 370,  foreigners, whether they are  Rohingya Muslims from Mynmar or West Pakistani Refugees, can never be settled  in the State.
Dubgotra mentioned that the West Pakistani Hindu Refugees migrated to J&K State during 1947 on division of India are the Indians and not the Non-Indians as stated by the Shiv Sena leader.  Moreover, Article 370 come into force with the adoption of Constitution of India on  January 26, 1950  much after migration of these Hindus to J&K that too, with permission of Maharaja Hari Singh, the then Ruler of J&K State.  As such provisions of Article 370 cannot be made applicable for denying residentship of the State to these Hindus, being post date.
The statement of  Sena leader is totally misleading and  inspire the Hurriyat or Separatists of Kashmiri leaders who have always oppose grant of permanent residentship to these Hindus refugees. Making such statement against Hindu Refugees migrated from Pakistan is illogical and unjustified, he added.
Refugee leader however,  appreciated the  Sena leader for speaking against  Rohingya Muslims from Mynmar and  Bangladeshis residing in the State illegally.