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Corruption and crime

It is true to state that corruption and crime was a rare event in the ancient world. In the ancient world spiritualism dominated materialism society by and large upheld values and norms based on religion morality that were cherished irrespective of caste, creed or colour. Crimes were rare or simple. The society exercised control on criminal activities reducing these to the minimum. With the advent of industrialisation urbanisation and westernisation, the homogenous traditional society was replaced by a heterogenous modern society composed of groups of individuals entertaining conflicting value systems. This resulted in an open society with scant respect for morality and religion. With the increasing greed, profit and productivity, materialism became the new faith and spiritualism took the back seat. The tremendous growth in population added fuel to the fire that caused socio-economic imbalance in the present society. The new socio-economic order opened new channels for growth and development.
Corruption is nothing but a white-collar crime usually committed by people belonging to upper strate of society including bureaucrats, technocrats, politicians and professionals. Smuggling, blackmarketing, land grabbing and tax evasion are only some of the crimes sustained by corruption. Politicians, bureaucrats and criminals are the three essential ingredients of a corruption racket. Corruption thrives best in a loose democratic system run by irresponsible and unscruplous politicians, who manage to rise to power through unfair means.
They rise to power by underhand, means viz - a -viz musle and money power is used to get elected. Under their patronage, corruption flares up and spreads its tentacles in all directions and ultimately succeeds in involving all the three wings of the Government; legislature, judiciary and the executive. Once a decadent democratic system reaches that level, it provokes civil disobedience, social disorganization and terrorism of various sorts.

Yours etc...
S N Raina


Much has been done and said about eradication of corruption in the systems of our governance and society. Crimes and social evils thickly prevailing in our society are due to this malice. Regardless to say that the laws does their own work if one is caught in their net but question arises why one should go for such ughly practices. Moral turpitude, perhaps is the fundamental factor for all such crimes. Money accumulated through unfair means never brings dignity and peace of mind.
Lack of moral values, ostentatious way of life, maintaining false dignity and forget fulness of His existence are the major factors contributing in such unhealthy scenario. Therefore, inculcation of moral values in the generation in the schools and colleges can't be over-emphasised. The best assets of any nation are its citizens, and therefore, corruption free society, carries paramount significance in making the nation strong and healthy. Over six decade of our journey after independence, thirst, hunger and poverty have not been removed. Stringent laws, transparency at all levels and moral values if exercised, can hill the dragon of corruption.

Yours etc....
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)

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