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Vehicle lifters

Refer news itsm Inter-State gang of vehicle lifters busted ' DE Sept 7.
Though the police may have succeeded in apprehending a group of gangsters involved in vehicle lifting, much more needs to be done on this front. A common man thinks twice before parking his vehicle at any spot because he remains apprehensive of vehicle-lifters. After parking his/her vehicle at a spot, one is not sure of seeing the parked vehicle again. This sort of insecurity is pervading obviously due to free movement of these gangsters. In case police wants to develop a sense of security among people, it should come heavenly on those associated with this crime.
Likewise, chain snatchers are also on prowl in the State. Not a single day passes, when one or another women does not report of chain snatching incident. Such incidents have forced women not to wear to jewellery. Women folk is scared of wearing ear-rings or chain in these circumstances.
It, therefore becomes necessary that police swoops down on these anti-social elements and create a sense of security among citizens.

Yours etc....
Vikas Sharma
Gandhi Nagar

Save Hockey

It is a sad development that Delhi can't host Champions Trophy (Hockey) as International Hockey Federation is quite upset with the merger of Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) with Hockey India.
This unhappy development may have a profound impact on the future of hockey in India. Indian Hockey had already been passing through a bad phase, and as a result of it, it lost the respect it once enjoyed in the country. Rather, the National game should have more admirers right now. Alas, the game is losing its fans to cricket. The Sports Ministry and the two sporting bodies should find a way out of the present crisis, and raise it to the international standard only then the game can survive in India.

Yours etc...
Sanjay Bhomotra

Mountaineering in Ladakh

It is reported that mountaineering is attracting a large number of foreign tourists to Ladakh. As many as 430 expeditions have visited the open zone areas of Ladakh till August. It is well that tourists are flocking Leh to scale the snow capped mountains, and to explore their beauty. The rush of tourists has not only boosted the economy of the region but also created employment opportunities for the unemployed youth of the region. But at the same time, it has become necessary to study the effect of this tourist rush on the environment of the region. The unabated rush may pollute the environment which in turn may leave it harmful imprints on the life of people there. In case it is observed that environment is showing signs of change, appropriate remedial measures should be accordingly taken to overcome it. It may be mentioned here, that the region is showing signs of climate change.

Yours etc...
Tsering Angchok

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