Vikrant, Jammu Fruit Association makes Guinness world record

Jammu Fruit Association posing for photograph during AGM on Saturday.
Jammu Fruit Association posing for photograph during AGM on Saturday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Aug 20: The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Jammu Fruit Association, held under the presidentship of  Rajesh Gupta witnessed frenzied activity but of a different kind. Spearheaded by the founder of Super Positivity Movement, Vickrant Mahajan, the occasion marked the creation of a Guinness World Record called the Longest Line of Fruits in the World. The bustling marketplace in Narwal was etched with 12,079 bananas provided by the members of the Jammu Fruit Association. 40 members of the Association along with an equal number of helpers put together a continuous line that went on for over 1.74 kilometers.
The effort comfortably surpassed the previous guinness world record of 10,036 fruits created in a single line, achieved by Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, USA, on  November 8. The arrangement took the team over seven hours to form and measure. Speaking on the occasion,  Rajesh Gupta, president of the Jammu Fruit Association, said: “we want to show the world that Jammu is a positive place and what better way to do it than a Guinness World Record.”
Afterwards, all the fruits were donated at shrines, schools and marketplaces across Jammu. Also, with this endeavor, Vickrant completed a quarter century of Guinness World records in 2016, and he has achieved the distinction of becoming the Indian with the maximum number of Guinness world records.