VHP for immediate deportation of foreigners from Jammu

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Feb 7: Vishaw Hindu Parishad (VHP) has demanded immediate deportation of foreigners from Burma and Bangladesh putting up in Jammu for years together now.
In a statement issued here today, VHP senior leader Dr Rama Kant Dubey took the successive Governments to task for allowing them to establish permanent habitations here and said this is fraught with serious consequences. Dr Dubey said in view of the turmoil in the State and involvement of Pakistan in subversive activities these foreigners can become a tool in the hands of those forces inimical to national interests. They can be a security risk in view of the prevailing situation in the State when neighboring country is hell bent to leave no stone unturned in creating disturbances, he added.
Dr Dubey said it is being reported that some human rights organizations have send them to J&K while other reports said that UN Human Rights Group has sent them to J&K. He said it is not known why these refugees have been sent to thousands of kilometers away from their native land and why they were not asked to take refuge in the immediate neighborhood of their country. Moreover if the situation is volatile in Myanmar but there is no such problem in Bangladesh so encouraging these refugees to take shelter in Jammu is a part of a big conspiracy and VHP will unmask this all.
Dubey said that there is no logic in sending these refugees to such a far of place except the agencies behind this game plan have some ulterior motives. He said before the people of Jammu will be forced to come to streets the Government should deport them to their native countries peacefully.