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Vehicle lifters

Nearly a week back, state police did a nice job in apprehending  three thieves stealing two wheelers and recovered from them as many as six motor bikes.Out of the three two wheelers , three were not registered as the vehicles bore no vehicle registration number on them. Everyone familiar with our traffic system and our roads knows as to how some numberless vehicles especially scooties and motor cycles run without any fear of being stopped and enquired for facing legal action.
This state is terrorism affected and any act of terror could be executed with the help of numberless or unregistered vehicles. Visit any adjoining state or city , one cannot dare to move out even during late and wee hours  on a two wheeler with two to  three  pillion riders and without a crash helmet as vigilant  traffic personnel are found to check such violators but in Jammu, no such arrangement is seen. Another problem turning into a menace is haphazard parking on roads. Drivers with the minimum driving knowledge cannot park on a road in parallel to a vehicle already parked as that cuts the width of the road making smooth traffic running very difficult. No check or action is there for such offence. Hospitals, Bus stands, busy markets, etc need peculiar attention.
Yours etc…
Sanjay Sharma
Sainik Colony


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