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Upgrading border security

NDA Government is seriously considering that all aspects of border security with China and Pakistan should be brought under review and improvement of existing security management should become a priority. We have border with China and Pakistan and both of these are hostile to us. They are working in tandem to promote terrorism directly or indirectly so that Indian forces remain dispersed and engaged in low intensity war with India. China has her own pattern of disturbing our northern frontier and Pakistan has a different modus operandi. What is more important is that our frontiers are over high Himalayan mountains which remain clad in snow round the year. At places like Drass and Aksaichin the day temperature is above minus 15. So we can imagine the cost of guarding our frontier.
Mountain warfare needs special equipment for the armed forces personnel, accoutrements, arms and ammunition. We did not have the type of equipment needed for deploying troops on such heights and in such inclement weather. Obviously there are casualties also owing to non-availability of adequate equipment and paraphernalia. Defence Ministry has purchased five snow scooters from the US which run on frozen snow at a high altitude for surveillance services along the high altitude border with China. These are most modern and very expensive scooters each costing about one crore of rupees. The utility is that these can scoot on icy mountains and the rider along with a pillion rider can have a look far away on the side of China and note the movement of Chinese troops.
We have been insisting upon the authorities for quite some time that it is of utmost importance that our forces guarding our northern frontier are provided with most modern equipment because they are serving the country in most trying conditions. We are happy that snow scooters of most modern type are provided on trial basis to the troops deployed on China border. We have to be alert and our troops are rendering excellent service which the citizens of India laud very much.


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