Upgradation of power sector

Refer news item ‘over Rs 5000 cr meant for upgradation of power infra remain unutilized in J&K’ DE  Jan 8, 2018.
It is quite dismaying that the State Governments have never taken the power sector seriously. The sector which should have received much thrust, ironically, is the least priority.
The sector did not undertake the necessary reforms to make it vibrant and competitive to meet the growing needs of a growing population. The State Government has to shell out a hefty sum to purchase power from other States, when there are enough resources within the State to meet the need. There is great scope for generating power by constructing microhydel power projects in the State. Though the authorities are aware of such potential, but one fails to understand why this resource is not expolited.  Besides, power pilferage remains one of the great concerns of the PDD. Even then nothing substantial is done to check it. Though e-metering process was started with great enthusiasm, it too received a setback in rural areas. Most of the households in the rural areas are yet to be e-metered.
Unless the Government gets serious on the issue, power sector will continue to remain in poor light.
Yours etc…
Ashwani K Sharma
Rehari,  Jammu