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Transparency in Education Deptt

The State High Court, while hearing a PIL brought about the Elementary Teachers Training College has expressed its deep regret on how the Education Department is carrying itself in the light of several allegations made against the institution. Undoubtedly, serious charges of irregularities and embezzlement in Elementary Teachers Training Colleges in the State have made conscientious civil society activist to file an application in the   High Court with request to consider proper remedial measures. The court had directed the Commissioner/ Secretary, Education Department to prepare the proposed amendment to the rules of J&K Education Department 2010 and place the draft rules before the court for consideration. It will be reminded that court last year in the month of December after perusal of the status report of the authorities on the issue had asked about modifications required to be incorporated in the rules of 2010, which had not been delineated in the status report and had directed the officials to Education Department to file affidavit indicating therein as to what are the proposed modifications, which are to be incorporated in the rules of 2010 and which type of administrative orders are required to be passed. Court has again directed the official to file the affidavit before next date of hearing on this issue.
It is a sad story of deliberate attempt to save the persons involved in the scam in Training Institutes. The way in which framing of draft rules or amendment to existing rules is being delayed despite several reminders by the concerned authorities is a clear proof that there are some hidden forces at work. There should be no scope for corruption in any department much less in the Education Department which is supposed to be the custodian of our moral and humanitarian values.


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