Traffic jam on Vijaypur-Ramgarh road paralyses normal life

Traffic chaos on Vijaypur-Ramgarh road. -Excelsior/Gautam
Traffic chaos on Vijaypur-Ramgarh road. -Excelsior/Gautam

Excelsior Correspondent
SAMBA, Oct 2: The vehicular movement was completely paralyzed on Viajypur-Ramgarh road today due to a huge traffic jam on this busy road for hours together generating a lot of public resentment in the area.
Vijaypur-Ramgarh road where traffic chaos prevail daily, today witnessed a huge traffic jam for hours together due to the encroachments made by the shopkeepers and parking of vehicles by the customers on this busy road at Vijaypur market.
The daily traffic jams on this border road have generated a lot of public resentment with people blaming the administration for its total failure in regulating the traffic on this busy road. The people blamed the administration for not taking the encroachers to task, especially the shopkeepers, who lay their goods on road side and the customers who too park their vehicles on road haphazardly while making purchasings.
This is an unending problem said Ch Rashpal Singh, a social activist of the area. He said the problem has been witnessed by the people for years together but the administration is a mute spectator to it.
The main problem is due to the encroachments by shopkeepers on this busy road, who keep their goods on the road side. The problem is further aggravated by parking of vehicles on the road by customers coming from different areas for purchasing goods, he added.
He said, the four cops on duty man the traffic on National Highway at Vijaypur Chowk and they don’t bother to regulate the traffic on Ramgarh road.
He said, though the by pass has been constructed the authorities fail to divert the traffic from there, with the result the traffic chaos prevail on the road in Vijaypur and people are put to many hardships.
Surinder Mahajan, president Beopar Mandal, Vijaypur said, that many times the issue was taken up with the authorities, but the decisions taken in the meetings are implemented for some days and later the situation returns to same position.
He said the ambulances carrying serious patients from border areas to be admitted in Vijaypur Emergency Hospital or GMC Jammu are also put to problems due to traffic jam, on this busy road. There can be any catastrophe at any time in case the immediate steps were not taken to settle this problem once for all, he added.
He said, the situation will only improve when the authorities will be firm in their actions and punish the violators of rules and regulations. He said, the shopkeepers encroaching the road be taken to task under law while the customers parking vehicles on the road be also imposed a fine. Till situation will only improve when authorities will implement the decision firmly, he added.