Tourist Attractions in Kishtwar

K.K Sharma

Name of the book : Tourist Attractions in Kishtwar
Author : Shri D.C Sharma.
Total Pages : 121
Price : 200
Year of publication : 2013

Being much acclaimed not only in the literary circles, but in the general public too, for his first two books “History and Culture of Kishtwar” and “Glimpses of Kishtwar History” D.C Sharma, a prolific writer and a distinguished Educationist, has come out with his third book “Tourist Attractions in Kishtwar”
A reader while going through the book at once finds that the book revolves around two main themes, which are most important for tourists before undertaking a journey to such scenic spots.
Identification of tourist spots in a more realistic and rational manner and to make the tourists aware of the flora and fauna of that place including climate, road conditions, sea level and heights etc.
When and how to reach the destinations with specific distance from one station to another
Both these issues have been discussed successfully and systematically by the learned author. The most attracting and nature blessed spots have been shown in the map attached to the book in a beautiful manner. Perhaps such an attempt of the magnitude elaborating various facets of the places has never been taken before in hand. Hence the book is comprehensive and voluminous of its kind.
Since ancient Vedic times Kishtwar has been regarded as a sacred land. This part of the state was a small and a separate hill principality having notable rulers direct from 1st historical king Kahan Paul to the last ruler Raja Mohd. Teg Singh. It has natural resources and high potential for its exploration for over all development.
The author is an authority on Kishtwar History and has been honored and awarded by many social organizations as well as administration. He passed his M.A History from Punjab University Chandigarh in 1959. So the subject matter is closely related to his study.
Moreover his educational tours to every nook and corner of erstwhile Tehsil Kishtwar, which he undertook as an education officer have helped him a lot to assimilate and gather such valuable information.
At present tourism has proved to be the back-bone of economy beyond any doubt but Kishtwar has remained an ignored treasure of tourist pleasure. The learned author has explored and brought to lime light the lush green meadows of the region amidst thick and natural forest ranges which one would have come across and make him feel that nature does smile in the interior.
Whose heart will not be lured by seeing murmuring streams and green meadows of Marwah-Warwan, Padder, Chingaam, Sinthan, Saroor etc? Who will not be delighted to see the enchanting saffron fields in the moon lit night.
Certainly one cannot and must not afford to miss the chances of visiting these attractive places of Kishtwar.
People of Kishtwar have always remained friendly in providing comfortable accommodation and timely help to their guests. Our brotherhood and peace loving attitude is famous throughout the whole country. Our rich art and culture is also a faithful reflection of the state’s social fabric which symbolizes ancient heritage and forms authentic source of historical record.
This book is full of information and Tip-Off to gratify rather delight inquisitiveness of those who have longing to see their choice of interest.
The determination and conviction of the author has played a very vital and notable role to bring out this unique and novel document. Otherwise it would not have seen light of the day.
(The author is former Principal)