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Third line of defence

We have two very hostile neighbours on our eastern and western border. What is worse is that the two neighbours are in an unholy alliance to inflict as much of damage and distraction to us as is possible. They do not like India make good progress under its democratic system because both of the hostile countries are under the iron heels of the autaocratic institutions. We had even to fight battles with both of them as they are coveting territories beyond the recognized borders. This has put great pressure on our defence preparations and we have to divert attention toward increasing our defence spending in order to meet the challenges on our borders. In fact we are under obligation to raise more manpower in our defence establishments.
In a broader set up, our country has two-tier border defence in place relevant to LoC/LAC and International Border. It is not so easy to manage a 7000 kilometer long border with China and Pakistan. The Army and BSF make up two tiers of our border defence, and the third tier of Village Defence Committees (VDCs) is being added to it. In view of increasing road connectivity and threats of infiltration and also in view of the reports that a large number of jihadis are assembled at various spots along LoC, the defence authorities have thought it feasible to activate the VDCs to their capacity. These committees comprise of villagers, who live very close to the border and are fully conversant with the topography, road connectivity and other peculiarities of the region. Support and input from the VDCs will be invaluable in the light of increased threats of infiltration.


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