The Sweet melody of love

Vijay Wali

The story of this book is associated with displacement of a section Society from Kashmir Valley which soothes the eyes only and distracts one from the real feeling of burning of the body by scorching sun, in early nineties. Migration is a curse from which the hapless community still seems to be suffering. But every coin has two faces, a darker and a brighter also. So unbelievingly migration has had its brighter sides also, which include literary pursuits also. The fact has emerged that the plough of migration has un-earthed some real diamonds lying beneath the sub-conscious of common folks , who by the winds of change and rains of uncertainty have sprouted into beautiful flower shrubs . Although the literary surge which came to notice in displaced Kashmir fraternity, can be compared to that goggle, which deceptively soothes eyes only but distracts the feelings of burning scorching sun , but nevertheless this interest has created, in them ,a sense of belonging to their specific language and culture. In fact it has pleasantly become an oasis in the harsh desert of sufferings. Kashmiri literature has a long precedence of female poets , Lalla Ded wrote ‘ Vakiyas’, Roopa Ded wrote ‘Shalokas’, Habba Khatoon ‘ Wachan’, Arinimall ‘ Aaradhan’ and Sham Bibi wrote ‘Shalokas’ and verses. This legacy proceeded via great thinkers like Bhaghiwaan Ded and the branch of Kashmiri Female poets was laden with bright flowers like that Bimla Raina,Santosh Nadan,Chandra Dassi and others in line who stood all alongwith their male counterparts in promotion of language and literature.Mohini Koul ‘Mohana’ is just another flower of this branch of female Kashmiri poets.
Mohini Koul’Mohana’ has already three poetry collections to her credit, the foreword of some of them stands written by none less than Gyan Peeth awardee Prof. Rehman Rahi.
Mohini continues with her poetic pursuits and recent in this is her latest publication “Modur Lai”, the sweet rhythm, which was recently released in a simple but impressive function attended by galaxy of writers and literary personalities, in K.L.Saigal Hall of the J&K Cultural Academy.
As far as Mohini Koul ‘Mohana’ ‘s latest book “Modur Lai” is concerned , as its name depicts,. the poetry contained in this collection is based on the sweet melody of love and compassion, both for God and his creation.
“Gul folim may kyah baharas, tas nigaaras wanitaway….!
Chhavihem chas intizaaras, tas nigaaras wanitaway…!!”
(My spring has blossomed with flowers, please tell my beloved..
I am waiting for him to relish me , please tell my beloved…)
Mohini’s poetry has a specific natural rhythm and under current sweet melodious message love.
A prominent feature of Mohini’s poetry is depiction of social values and the sentiments involved in relations and bindings of society. Under this genre she writes beautiful traditional marriage songs called ‘Wanwun’ in Kashmiri, the songs sung on happy occasions and render the sentimental tale of human relations and bonding.
“Oh my elder lovely daughter, may god bless you,
Let rainbow come to your plate, may you bloom with almond flowers”
By witting traditional folk songs Mohini Ji is doing a good job of preserving these cultural traits for the future generations. Being a woman herself she values all human relations and gives them a successful expression also.
“With whom I am married, may he live long,
I will perform my duties of being guardian of home
Feeding mother I am called as I cook for all,
I will perform my duties of being guardian of home.”
A frisk through the pages of Mohni’s book shows that she is a sensitive observer and apt in depicting the harsh realities of the drama called life.
” Kenh chiy neraan saelan ta saalan
Dodh-bat khewan thaalan manz
Kenhan na melaan tresh katri pyalan
Kenh che fasemeti zaalan manz.”
(Some go to feasts and festivities, relishing good meals….
Some even don’t get water in earthen cups……
Some are entangled in web)The book infact contains many generes of Kashmiri poetry there are Gazals, Nazams, Wanwun, Venath and Waakhs also, where in the poet has described her feel of the things , the prominence of love and compassion and futility of the virtual bondage.
” Bar Posh gav ta wanitav kas chu kyah
Dadi tehindey cha karan kanh wahwela
Myul chu sapdan mechi ta zozris ha matyo…”
(The flower has withered and nobody is concerned. Does anybody remorse its grief. It is mixed with earth and autumn shredding).
Mohni Koul ‘Mohana’ ‘s poetry is structured on the common beliefs based on Kashmir Shaivism and Sufi thoughts , so is here vocabulary and accent , the style of poetry which is familiar and the strength of which is sheer simplicity.
“Me havtam chey panun zahoor, yehai venath me kartam poor…
Ba wuchhth chon dishayan poor, yehai venath me kartam poor….”
( O! Show me your auspicious being, please accept my request….
Let me see in all four directions, Please accept my request……)
Keeping in line with the traditions Mohini Koul has also penned down some devotional songs “Leelas ” also which have been incorporated in the book.
Mohni Koul’s recent publication “Modur Lai” reiterates her commitment to poetry with social hues. When excluded from the set standards literary criticism, it is a superb effort of a poet of her age and stature.
The glitch which confronts the reader is, the improper editing of book, as different genres seem scrambled haphazardly in the book, some of them even stand mis-interpreted, although good or otherwise, all of them exist in the poetry collection. But this aspect does not dilute the thoughts conveyed in the book or ambience of folk and heretical traditions, which seems the motive behind publishing of the book.