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Terrorism and big powers

There is hardly a big power in today’s world where terrorists have not tried to strike at the very foundation of democracy and human freedom. As such, the common sense says that there should be global unity in fighting the demon of terrorism that is posing as the biggest threat to humanity today. When India raised the voice against terror prophesying that the menace is spreading over many countries on the globe and that the world powers should unite to fight it collectively as it was a collective threat, the world powers seemed to be somewhat careless about our warning. Though on individual level world powers are condemning terrorism and the acts of terror perpetrated by the religion-oriented groups, yet on collective level there is no formulation against terror as yet and Indian’s voice seems to be the lonely voice raised against the dangers of terrorism or becoming complacent about their attacks.
For the third time China has blocked the passage of sanction against Molavi Azhar, the chief of the terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammad who India holds responsible for planning the attack of jihadis on Pathankote last year. By stonewalling India’s effort to show the jihadis the door, China has only proved without an iota of doubt that she supports and promotes terrorist attacks emanating from Pakistan and directed to be unleashed in India, her next door neighbour. The strange thing about China is that she has herself been a victim of terrorism at the hands of Uighurs in the Eastern province of Xinjiang. China launched a massive retaliatory assault and liquidated almost all the opposition in Xinjiang connected with fundamentalism. Yet notwithstanding her own experience, China has chosen to support the known leader of a brutal and violent group of fanatics in Pakistan. China is riding a lion and does not know when and how to handle Islamic fundamentalism. China is opposing India not that she has any real sympathy for Jaish-e-Mohammad or that she does not have any information of anti-India activities of JeM. But strictly following Chairman Mao’s axiom that enemy’s enemy is a friend, she remains tight lipped on the issue. But India is not going to relent and allow China-Pak nexus to become the arbitrators of the fate of the people in the region.
This is one side of the picture in which China is involved. But at the same time the US Treasury has delivered a cool headed warning to Pakistan-based terrorist organization named Bashkir-e-Toiba that it is not going to give way to any facet of terror. The Treasury has designated the Pakistan-based terror group’s student wing Al-Muhammadia students, a terrorist organization and slapped sanctions against its two top leaders. Lashkar-e-Toiba has been changing names after the US State Department designated it a terrorist organization based in Pakistan. The two persons of the al-Muhammadia students namely, Muhammad Sarwar and Shahid Mahmood are reported to have been engaged in promoting the agenda of LeT and raising funds for this organization. The Treasury has given a detailed account of their activities and movements inside and outside Pakistan to raise funds to be passed on to the terrorists assigned the task of carrying out terrorist attacks in neighbouring countries. The action of the US Treasury stands in direct contrast to the policy of China which is protecting and shielding the same terrorists and in the same country. This exposes Chinese double-speak about eradicating terrorism lock, stock and barrel.


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