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Terror haunts China

Strange are the quirks of history. Sometimes flow of historical events defies logic. Thrice has China opposed India’s proposal of designating a Pakistan-based terrorist organization supremo just because China is a friend of Pakistan and would not support what goes against the interests of the friend. The question is this: Is India’s proposal of designating a terrorist organization going to help contain terrorism or accelerate its activities? If the claim of China that the Uyghur in the eastern province of Xinjiang are receiving training in terrorism in a foreign country to create trouble at home, and if Pakistan raises voice that it is under the attack of terrorist, why then should they oppose India’s effort of getting these terrorists and their organizations designated by the Security Council. It means that either their clamour of being under terrorist attack is only a fake or false cry or that they are insincere in their intentions of meeting the challenge of the terrorists.
Now, China has upgraded its security along the frontier with PoK and Afghanistan. It suspects that Uyghur of Xinjiang are clandestinely crossing these borders and receiving training either in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Turkey and then they re-enter Xinjiang to perpetrate Islamic fundamentalism through violence. Xinjiang has seen many fundamentalist uprisings and Kashghar was wrecked with communal violence last year. In other words religion based terrorism is spreading more violently in Xinjiang and it was actually begun by the Pakistan based terrorist organizations long back. China had even warned Pakistan and executed some Uyghur terrorist suspected of joining Pakistani terrorist camps. No wonder that Pakistani Taliban and Afghani Taliban might have jointly made plans to export Islamism to China and, therefore, China would be upgrading security along the border with PoK. But this development is not going to make China realize that India is the only force in the region that is standing up to terrorist challenge and that China should change its attitude towards India when India demons designating of some terrorists by the UN.


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