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Tapan Bose, Ramesh Shinde others support homeland for Pandits in Valley

PK holds massive rally at Jagti

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JAMMU, Jan 18: Panun Kashmir (PK) organized a massive public rally in Jagati Township today under the ongoing Eik Bharat Abhiyaan-Kashmir Ki Aur. The rally was attended by scores of delegates from various Nationalist organizations from all over India so that they can have an on spot study of the plight of Kashmiri Hindus living in exile for last 27 years.
The displaced Pandits living in Jagati appraised the delegates about the inhuman and pathetic condition of inmates of this colony and appealed them to offer the message to the larger nationalistic masses of this vast nation to rise and seek justice for the nationalistic masses of this India in general and Kashmiri Hindu community in particular.
Speaking on the occasion inmates of Jagati through their representative Bushan Lal Bhat and Roshan Lal Bhat impressed upon the need for the message of Panun Kashmir to be aired across the length and breadth of this country. Narrating the tales of persecution and duress under which Kashmiri Hindus were subjected to flee their motherland and subsequent inhuman and pathetic conditions under which the exiled community were made to live, the representatives of Jagati township called upon these delegates to take cognizance of the growing menance of radicalization and its threat which is not limited to Kashmir Valley alone but to the whole country.
In his direct message to the separatist regime in Kashmir, Dr Agnishekhar, the convener of Panun Kashmir (PK) gave them a open challenge dare stop the flow of Indian nation into Kashmir. P K is the fight of righteous forces and no power can stop its realization. Kashmiri Hindus, he said have first stake on Kashmir and the movement which IT started 27 years back will reach its logical conclusion with the creation of separate homeland for Hindus in North and East of River Vitasta.
Speaking on the occasion Sushil Pandit, political activist of the community called upon the Government to realize a smart city for Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir Valley with separate geographic and political rights. Speaking on the occasion various national delegates from different nationalist organizations gave a candid and categoric message to the Government of India to initiate dialogue with Panun Kashmir and seek ways and means for the creation separate homeland for them to secure the future of not only the exiled Hindus but all the nationalist Indians.
Ramesh Shinde, founder of Hindu JanJagriti in his address called the inmates of Jagati as the nationalists of highest order and said that the nationalists of this country are equally concerned about the plight of Kashmiri Hindus and his organization will carry the message of Panun Kashmir to the masses of this country.
Pramod Muthalik , founder Sri Ram Sena speaking on the occasion expressed deep sympathy and regret that the whole nation has been dumb to the plight of Kashmiri Hindus all these years and assured that the voice of the persecuted and hounded Kashmiri Hindus will be heard by this nation for the issue which led to the exodus of Hindus in Kashmir is prevalent in various parts of this country and like a cancer it is eating into the vitals of this country.
Tapan Bose, a fire brand nationalist from West Bengal challenged the separatists and all those forces inimical to Indian nation and its unity to stop fiddling with the idea of balkanizing India. India has a historical continuity of nearly 10000 years and Indian Nation will not succumb to such forces. In a message to Prime Minister, Narendera Modi, asked him to respect the mandate which made him the Prime Minister of this country.
Addressing the masses Dr. Ajay Chrungoo explained the need and importance of this event in wake of the continued neglect and denial of the successive governments both at State as well as national level. He said that it is time that Panun Kashmir as a solution to Kashmir problem be recognized as a national imperative and in this direction PK has embarked on a nation wide campaign.
The rally was addressed by various noted personalities like Dr Shakti Bhan, Vijay Tickoo, Ramesh Manvati, Daya Krishen Koul.


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