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Jammu Railway Station

Neglected and Vulnerable Rajan Gandhi Historic Jammu city had its old Jammu station built in around 1897 but was abandoned after the partition of India as the railway link to Sialkot, 43 km away now in Pakistan, was broken. The station was also linked with Wazirabad and Narowal stations both of...

Bollywood Buzz

A listless fare

THE FAKIR OF VENICE is the story of an Indian fixer who has a life-changing experience. Adi Contractor (Farhan Akhtar) works in films as the production controller. His job is to ensure that the bizarre demands of the producers are met. He once manages to get a monkey from...


A multifaceted personality

Rajeshwar Singh 'Raju' Dr. Baljeet Singh Raina is a well known name in all the three mediums of expression like Print, Audio and Visual Media. He has been a regular contributor as a poet, short story writer and a playwright for different magazines being published from the state as well...


Can Late Fatherhood Affect Child’s Health?

Dr Kanchi Khurana Earlier to calculate birth risks and abnormalities in a newborn, advanced maternal age (AMA) used to be the considering factor, but recent...

Career & Education

The stressful examinations

Rubon Saproo The current academic session is over and now it is the time to be prepared for examinations to perform well. The exams which are a crucial part of education system play a very significant role in our lives because such tests are aimed to examine knowledge and ability...


Managing misbehaviour in children

Yogesh Khosla Childhood means exploration, experimentation and persistent questioning about things and about natural phenomena. While doing so children may usually and innocently, break things, break rules, harm themselves and irritate elders. These are normal developmental activities of children which give them experiential learning and make them intelligent. While giving,...

Book Review

Making science popular

Prof Dr P L Koul Title : MAN AND ENVIRONMENT Some interesting facts Author : Dr. B. L. Koul Printed by : C.K. Printers and publishers New Plots Jammu In the preface the author talks about the fact that the world has shrunk to the dimensions of a global village due to the great...


Flowers for Beauty

Shahnaz Husain Flowers are nature’s gift to man and provide a unique level of botanical energy. They not only delight the senses with their beautiful colours and fragrances, but actually have powerful properties, which help to bring about the ideal harmony of both body and mind. The aromas of many...


Where desires get fulfilled

Ravi Rohmetra The uniqueness of Jammu City is that it is being called as City of Temples with great reverence. Situated at Chowk Chabutra in heart of the city is the Bhairav temple where Lord Kaal Bhairav is in the form of a natural Pindi. Batuk Bhairav Nath ji is...

Science & Technology

Science of Bhumi Pujan

Sunil Seth While attending ' Bhumi Pujan' ceremony at my friend's place ,an idea struck my mind as to what exactly was the science behind this. In the ancient times, suitability of the site for buildings was ascertained by carrying out various tests categorized as ' Bhumi Prikshas' and the...

Art and Culture

When art deepens our understanding of contemporary issues

Ashok Ogra Art, as we know it, has always been expressing on sheets of canvas or other mediums and put it in front of the world, to empathize with the message that the creators are trying to portray. Those colors and strokes of brush across a white background make all...

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