Suicide among students

This has reference to the Sunday Magazine article ‘Suicide among students’ DE Mar 11, 2018.
The article made an informative regarding and brought to fore a stark reality which needs to be deliberated upon by various sections of society. Teacher fraternity, psychologists, religious preachers, parents and policy planners must wake up to this reality, ascertain the causes and find the remedial measures before it assumes horrendous proportions. As there is cut  throat competition among candidates at every level to seek jobs whether in private or public sector, there is corresponding rise in stress among students. Those who are unable to bear the stress take the route of suicide. ‘There is urgent need to address this social issue in the interest of a healthy society. In case suicide is related to present system of education in India, then it is the duty of the educationists to reform the system to make  it conducive for all sections of students- brilliant, average and weak.
Unless all stakeholders  plead this common cause sincerely, this trend is not going to stop in the near future.
Yours etc…
Sushil Mahajan
Nagrota, Jammu