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Subash Stadium Udhampur

Seven years ago the State Government announced a prestigious  project of over Rs 7 crore for establishing a central pavilion along with a torch house, an indoor hall, spectators stand, besides underground irrigation system, turf wicket and a swimming pool in its mammoth arena, as the features of a new stadium in Udhampur. This was a great news for the youth of Udhampur district to display their athletic talent and find an enviable place among the sportspersons in the country. But their hopes were belied, as usual, owing to non-seriousness of the powers that be. After spending around Rs 80 lakh on its central pavilion, the work was halted midway without giving any reason. As days passed by the entire stadium began giving a deserted look that generally is the fate of abandoned projects. Sports lovers of Udhampur are disappointed and even grieved to find a venue that would have provided opportunity to the youth to demonstrate their excellence in various sports. It is discouraging that on the one hand the Government claims to be very mindful of the interests of the youth but on the other side it disallows them the opportunity of  proving their youthful skills. Subash Stadium Udhampur is the historical sports complex in this region of the State, which had the honour of hosting prestigious Ranji Trophy matches in its beautiful arena more than once, up to early 90s. Situated in scenic environs, this stadium had the potential to become number one stadium in the State and in the country where great athletic events would be performed. Unfortunately, that was not to be the case. The Government had sanctioned Rs 7 crore for the development of this stadium way back in 2009-10. The work was to be initiated in a phased manner and an amount of Rs 1.50 crore was released in the first phase. It will be recalled that the construction work had been stopped after the stairs installed in the pavilion had collapsed either because of some technical errors or due to the usage of sub-standard material. The question is that if the work was stopped owing to the use of sub-standard material, the contractor could have been punished and removed and a new contractor should have been asked to continue the work on the project. After all the project had not to be abandoned and turned into shambles. The very look of the abandoned stadium is pathetic and disappointing. Despite repeated requests and persuasions by the local representatives, authorities seem to be disinterested in developing the stadium which is a matter of disappointment for the youth of Udhampur. We believe that the Government must take firm and quick action to ensure that construction work on the project is resumed without loss of time.


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