Steve Carell’s kids are not impressed by his career

LOS ANGELES, Nov 6: He may have various Academy and Golden Globe nominations to his credit, but actor Steve Carell is still not able to impress his kids as a performer.

The “Despicable Me 3” star’s 16-year-old daughter Elisabeth and 13-year-old son John – whom he has with his actress and comedienne wife Nancy – have never religiously watched the his movies and do not think he is that cool, reported Entertainment Tonight.

“They don’t really watch anything I’ve done. I’m just Dad. I’m not like this actor or anything.

“My son just started watching ‘Parks and Rec’. He loves it, and it’s certainly akin to ‘The Office’. So he’s moving in that direction but… They’re not very impressed by me,” Carell says.

However, the actor’s parents are incredibly proud of his work.

“My family can’t believe what I do for a living and they enjoy it. I think they’re astounded. My parents called me the other day from Florida, where they live for half the year, and they said, ‘Could you send us some more headshots?’

“I think they give a signed headshot of me to anyone who asks … Or anyone who doesn’t ask. They go to a doctor and they’ll say: ‘Would you like a picture of my son?’ They’re so proud and they’re really sweet and my brothers are too.” (PTI)