State holiday on Maharaja’s birthday good move: Chib

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 29: Former minister and senior Congress leader,  R S Chib has  congratulated   Ajatshatru Singh, MLC, for bringing a resolution in J&K Legislative Council, on Maharaja Hari Singh, in which it was demanded that  Sept 23, the birthday of Maharaja, be declared as a State holiday.
Chib maintained that all those Legislators, who supported the resolution, in passing the same also deserve appreciation. He, however,  added that it is most unfortunate, on part of those political leaders, who opposed this, resolution and also those, who are demanding its withdrawal after its passage.
Congress leader said that, it is more unfortunate that it has taken almost seven decades but,  `better late than never’.  “We all are responsible for this and it is a matter of self- introspection, for those, who consider Maharaja Hari Singh, an exemplary Ruler, and who’s  motto was justice for all.  It is ironic that even at this stage, some political leaders are trying to create confusion by saying that it was passed in a hush- hush manner. The most disturbing factor is the role of BJP, who is maintaining a total silence in both Houses of State Legislature,” Chib regretted.
“While going through the history of pre-independent India, the role of Maharaja Hari Singh, in  governing his State was entirely different, when compared with other States,” Chib said.
He further maintained that nobody has forgotten the patriotic role of Maharaja, when he was attending the “Round Table  Conference” in London in 1931. Chib described Maharaja Hari Singh a great reformer of all social evils, in his State and he was an Icon of  secularism, socialism, patriotism and in that direction, he introduced and implemented main acts like Agricultural  Relief Act and Act  to provide  proprietary right to  small  and medium farmers,  Chib said adding that  it was due to him that forced labour and child marriage was banned and  all the temples and wells/ water sources were opened even for  Dalits  in the State. It was big reform in the society.
Chib appealed to all saner and nationalist elements of society, irrespective of their caste and political affiliations to support this move of the J&K Legislative Council.  He felt confident that a good sense will prevail upon the State Government and declare 23 September, a State holiday.