Separatist sentiment pervading in political class, mainstream parties: Nationalist Organisations

Leaders of Nationalist Organisations and Panun Kashmir addressing media persons in Jammu on Friday.
Leaders of Nationalist Organisations and Panun Kashmir addressing media persons in Jammu on Friday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 20: Representatives of around 150 Nationalist Organisations, working in different parts of India from Assam to Gujarat and from Kanyakumari to Jammu and Kashmir after taking stock of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir were alarmed at the demographic assault being unleashed in the Jammu province particularly in and around Jammu city to transfer Hindu Majority Jammu into a Muslim majority area.
This was stated by the representatives of Nationalist Organisations and the leaders of Panun Kashmir while addressing media persons, here today.
They said, settlement of Muslims including foreign nationals in Jammu is happening with impunity and needs to be stopped forthwith.
“We want to remind the whole nation that more than Six million Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists are living in this State and there is a grave conspiracy to present their numbers far less than the actual. We all will mobilise opinion against the demographic assault in the whole nation and in rest of the world,” they added.
Endorsing the demand of creation of Union Territory in Kashmir valley to the North and East of River Jhelum along with rehabilitation of all Kashmiri Hindus living all over India, all delegates resolved to mobilise whole nation at the grassroots level in support of creation of Union Territory of Panun Kashmir.
“Separatist sentiment is pervading in the entire political class and mainstream political parties are now brazenly supporting the separatist objectives one way or the other. The Situation has drifted to the extent, that even the state legislative assembly is being used for giving flip to separatist interests. The dismissal of the present Government in the State has become a National Security imperative,” expressed the leaders.
They further said that they have realised that the internal security situation in the state has deteriorated to the extent that the State apparatus is on the brink of collapse and various layers of administrative setup as well as the political establishment have been taken over by the people supporting the separatist cause, adding that the democratic order in the State has been transformed into the subversive order which has become a flank of Pakistan inside India and the agenda of Alliance has acted as a catalyst to bring about this dangerous transformation.
They demanded the Reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir into 4 parts, separating Jammu and Ladakh and creating a union territory of Panun Kashmir.