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Science in service of man

In almost all of his addresses to the academia the President has been invariably laying stress on budding Indian scientists and technocrats to use it for lifting the life style of ordinary people of our country. Serious scientific and technological researches have been the instrument of great economic and social success of western and other developed countries. Addressing an event to mark the 19th National Technology Day, the President said that the reach of science and technology had to be universal and not selective. The benefits of scientific and technological knowledge have to reach all but more particularly the deprived and underprivileged people of society.
What after all should be the goal of scientific and technological innovation and improvement in a country like ours? These have to be put to changing the life of poor and deprived people in the country. Therefore our scientists and technocrats have a great responsibility of working for the improvement of backward classes. We do claim of rich heritage and colorful civilization. These are in their respective place but we are confronted with poverty, backwardness and deprivation among a large section of people whom we call Below Poverty line. We need to care for them and see to it that their future generations are pulled out of a dismal life.
We are greatly impressed by the wisdom and farsightedness of the President. He has his own perception of the India of future centuries. He is confident that our people have the talent and are capable of making laudable contribution to the world science and technology. When he says that technology should be people-oriented, he conveys a great truth to the entire nation that we have the potential to change the destiny of our people and we should induct our faculty towards making such new inventions as would help ordinary man change his life.


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