Samooh Theatre performs ‘Andha Yug’ in West Bengal

Excelsior Correspondent

A scene of ‘Andha Yug’ performed by Samooh Theatre in West Bengal.              
A scene of ‘Andha Yug’ performed by Samooh Theatre in West Bengal.

JAMMU, Jan 31: Samooh Theatre performed Dr Dharamvir Bharti’s Andha Yug, directed by Ravinder Sharma in National Theatre Festival organized by Shilipakriti Mahishadal, Purba Midnipur in West Bengal.
The play starts with the scene of Ashwathama targeting his Bhramastra at Arjun. It follows with improvised scene of the horrible experience experienced by the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The production even related with present Indian politics, bloodshed etc. Some new poetry has been used to make a bridge between contemporary and ancient time.
The main purpose is to make people aware that they will get nothing by doing all these activities and they may live their lives peacefully and without doing any harm to others.
Andha Yug is based on the ancient Sanskrit epic, Mahabharata written by Ved Vyasa. The play begins on the eighteenth and last day of the Great Mahabharata War, which devastated the kingdom of Kauravas, the feuding cousins of Pandavas, their capital the once magnificent city of Hastinapur lay burning, in ruins, the battlefield of Kurukshetra was strewn with corpses, and skies filled with vultures and death laments. Fatalities were on both the side as cousins killed each other. The survivors were left grieving and enraged as they continued to blamed other for the destruction even divine will, yet no one was willing to view it as a consequence of their own moral choices.
The artists included Ravinder Sharma, Kanika Sharma, Kartik Singh Saini,  Avinash Lakhnotra,  Pankaj Sharma, Rajat Gupta, Munish Malhotra, Sandeep Thakur, Goutam Sharma and Ajay Tamang, while the play was Designed and Directed by Ravinder Sharma,  while Rohit Bains was the Choreographer and the Music was composed Surinder Manhas.