Sabha for creation of concentrated settlements for Pandits in Valley

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 18: The Kashmiri Pandit Sabha Jammu while commenting on the statement of the Chief Minister that return of Kashmiri Pandits to the Valley can never be termed as bringing about any kind of a demographic change since they belong to the Valley and have every right to be resettled back.
The Sabha condemned the forces, both belonging to the separatists camp as well as the mainstream polity who are raising this bogey and has appealed the State Government to take them head on since they are the people who have brought Kashmir to the brink of disaster by their regressive and divisive ideology and actions. Restoration of composite culture in the Valley is the only panacea for the sufferings of Kashmiris who have been braving exile, militancy and unrest for the last 27 years, the Sabha added.
The Sabha urged the other mainstream political parties as well, to wholeheartedly support the creation of concentrated settlements for the Pandits where they can stay upon their return to the Valley till complete normalcy returns and till their sense of security is established in full measure. Sabha wanted to know what change has taken place since the time the decision had been taken in the now disbanded Apex Committee for the return of Pandits, and now, that they are opposing the formation of concentrated settlements which they had been in favour of, at that time, it added.
It said the time has come to support this step whole hog especially when the GoI has earmarked funds for this purpose. Opposing this idea will be playing into the hands of the anti-national forces which are out to turn J&K into Syria and Iraq as the Chief Minister has rightly remarked. These are the forces who did not refrain from forcing even a 16 year old to tender an apology for having met the Chief Minister after having made a mark for herself in the highly competitive world of Bollywood.