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Ruckus in Legislature

But the ugly scene that has taken place when the House was in session is a serious jolt to the trust which the people repose in the Legislators. Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council are institutions, where things have to be talked, discussed, debated, agreed or disagreed. That is the normal function of the two Houses. It is not a fish market or a wrestling ground where members have to compete in vocal and muscle force. The members are required to conduct themselves so as to be considered role model for the entire society. The poise and dignity with which they are expected to conduct their business becomes inspiration for the entire society. But what happened in the both Houses on Wednesday is in no way either dignified or rational. Contentious issues are there, political, social, economic, psychological and what not. But who has given freedom to the members to indulge in rampage, pulling the mikes, overturning the benches, swarming into the well of the House and then losing control over tongue and body. Dear Sirs, you are lowering your own prestige and the prestige of the State by indulging in such livid acts of rancour and vendetta. Tax payer invests heavily in sending you to the Legislature and maintaining your position as their representative to speak about common problems and find redress.


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