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Roots of Rajputs

Roots of Rajputs

Dr. S. L. Abrol
This book is about the various Rajput Khandaans(Clans) of erstwhile Dogra States (22 on either side of river Ravi) then named as Kangra, Mandi, Saket, Kullu, Jaswan, Datarput, Chamba, Guler, Seba, Kotllehar, Pathankote, Jammu, Jasrota, Bahu, Billawar, Bhadu, Bhaderwah, Mankote, Buti Krimchi, Chenani, Bandrallta and Kishtwar.
Jammu had a number of tiny principalities but kingdom of Jammu always occupied a leading place. The tiny principalities were ruled by different Rajput Khandaans, many of them established by the younger princes of Jammu ruling Rajas.
It was order of precedence that the eldest son of the ruling Raja/Maharaja sat on the throne and the younger brothers were given”Jagirs” away from the main ruler so that nobody could revolt against the claim of the eldest son. Thus there cropped up  so many Khandaans after the younger sons of Raja/Maharaja who established their own khandaans in order to perpetuate their rule in their respective “Jagirs”.
The Jammu Township came into existence in the 14th Century, after Jambulochan established it. Raja Maldev and Maharaja Ranjit Dev had been eminent rulers. Ranjit Dev ruled the Kingdom from 1723-1783. He brought 22-small Dogra Chieftains under his control but his successors were weak and engaged themselves in internecine (mutually destructive) wars and this brought, once a great trading centre of North India, to Sikh regime of Punjab.
The author has very prudently used the photographs of old Jammu  and the rulers as well. He has been able to link, wherever possible, the various Rajput khandaans of the erstwhile Dogra States. Various happenings in the Rajput khandaans have been described in very lucid and simple language for the benefit of readers. The largest Rajput khandaan viz., Jamwals, particularly has been dealt in detail with the ancestral connection, for example, Sub-clans of Jamwals, Symyals, Slathia sub-clans (khandaans). Various other outside Rajput khandaans who settled in Jammu in olden times are mentioned with their link.
I am happy to note that the author has been able  to provide a book on the subject most often sought by the Rajput community to trace their lineage to their elders in Duggar States. The author had been  Chief Editor of the Rajsapta Fortnightly for so many years and he has used the information penned down in Hindi, Urdu and English by various writers at various times of the history.
I hope the readers will find the book most interesting as it reveals many interesting facts of Rajput Khandaans of 22- erstwhile Dogra States. Lastly, an annexure describing chronology of various Presidents of Sri Amar Kashatrya Rajput Sabha, J&K, Jammu has also been appended.


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