Rly staff is the culprit

Of late, railway accidents have been happening more often and loss of human lives is on the increase. Actually, the number of rail accidents should have decreased because of induction of digital system and enhanced travel culture of people. Recurrence of rail accidents is something that worries the nation. India has the world’s largest railway network system and it is ever increasing. It is a fact that there is regular effort of improving the rail service and it has certainly improved in many aspects.
After the disastrous Kanpur rail accident in which no fewer than 151 persons lost their lives, Railway constituted a task force on safety on December 6 last year. The committee comprising senior railway officials involved in safety mechanism was asked to conduct data analysis of investigation into the past accidents and developed a “factual view of potential solutions.” It has submitted its report which says that 60 to 70 per cent of onus for rail accidents rests with the railway staff. It means that owing to incompetence and irresponsibility of railway staff, rail accidents happen and innocent lives end up in premature death.  Sometimes people raise fingers towards some anti-social elements like the Naxals, Maoists, fundamentalists, terrorists and extreme right wing managers. We don’t have any dependable and solid proof against individuals or organizations often suspected of carrying destructive agenda. What we emphasize is that inspection and clearance of a rail service is a complicated matter and great care and responsibility need to be shown toward this duty. It is for the seniors in the railways to ensure that recruitment is strictly according to the rules laid down. This will not allow irresponsible and inefficient persons to get into rail service. Moreover periodical physical check of the ground workers is also important.