This has reference to the writeup’RKJ@70′(DE, Dec 3, 2017). The writeup was both interesting and informative.It brought out the memories of the days goneby when in the abscence of TV, computers, laptops, mobiles, etc radio used to be an important medium of information and entertainment. It used to rule the minds of people. There was much craze to listen to the programmes such as Dhareeche, Fauzi Bhayion ke liye, Goga-Lachu, Des suhama, Gojri Programme etc. People would often be seen glued to their radio sets when the cricket matches-one dayers and the Test matches were broadcast live.Even the result of the Board exams used to be broadcast on the radio.The local Dogri bulletin s at 9.20am and 6.15 pm and the Urdu Bulletin at 7.40  relayed from Radio Kashmir Srinagar were eagerly awaited. The news readers Narinder Bhasin, Kuldeep Singh Jidrahia and others ruled the hearts of people by reading the news in their inimitable voices and style.With few people owning radio sets, many a time people would gather together to listen to the news bulletin or their favourite programmme.Those were the days many people, especially the youngsters would be seen carrying their transisters with them wherever they went.Such powerful was the craze for the radio. The fact that this radio station was inaugurated by Maharaja Hari Singh in the presence of the then Union Home Minister, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel on Dec 1, 1947 and that in those days everything was broadcast alive are the facts which only a few people may be conversant with.Similarly, the dates on which the Dogri news Bulletin and Gojri news Bulletin were introduced are little known to the people.There is no doubt that Radio Kashmir Jammu started in 1947 to counter the malicious propaganda of Pakistan and misinformation and rumours, has come a long way.It has enjoyed and still enjoys much popularity, especially with people living in rural and hilly areas who have the habit of switching on the radio for the latest news and melodious evergreen songs.For many people in cities as well, the day starts with the radio and there are housewives who keep on listening to the radio while working in the kitchen.Radio has not lost and will not lose craze with the people even in the midst of other gadgets of entertainment.It is laudable that Radio Kashmir Jammu has become the first Dogri Radio Station in the world.It is hoped that RKJ will continue to achieve new milestones in the field of broadcasting and entertainment.
Yours etc….
Ashok Sharma,