Risking lives to reach destinations

It is a thing to be believed that even after 70 years of the country having attained freedom from foreign yoke, there are thousands of villagers around 30 km long mountainous belt from Pattangarh up to Shiv Gali in tehsil Latti of Udhampur district which are denied basic rights to connectivity .Not only this, there are no medical facilities, nor any electric supply in this belt. Villagers from Pattangarh to Chappal up to Shiv Gali in Dudu have to travel on foot for miles together to reach foot fridge for crossing Tawi River.
When there are claims that almost all villages stand electrified now , how come this belt is forgotten? Moreover, the elected representatives of this Assembly constituency owe it to these people that they did nothing for this belt so far. Who was going to bother excepting the elected representatives about students of Malas village who have first to reach Sillar bridge at Chapper and then cross over to the Tawi for studying at Higher Secondary School Latti ?Chappar has only a middle school while Maklas has only a primary School.
The plight of small boys and girls going to schools can be visualized in addition to the dwellers of this belt having to travel around five kilometers and then cross Tawi River.  These villagers seem to be no one’s concern as 30 kilometers long belt is having only three foot bridges in the area under reference which is appalling. It is ridiculous to find the Health Sub- Centre at Chapper which was established 25 years back being run by a SafaiKaramchari till last year till he attained superannuation. Now he has been replaced by a Female Multipurpose Health Worker. Shall at least now, the Government do something on urgent basis to ameliorate the lot of people living in this belt in Udhampur district?