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Resurrect Cultural Academy

The nomenclature J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages sounds pompous and impressive. But we wish the delivery of this organization was even one tenth of its pompous nomenclature.  No less a person than the Minister holding charge of the organization conceded that for 35 years in the past, no Government of the State ever took any step to provide the manpower for the organization as stands approved. An academy, which should have been the pride of the State, especially with the cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity that we have has become a moth-eastern sluggish institute. It sounds hollow in all respects. It’s Governing Body, of which the Chief Minister is the Chairperson, has not met for last 35 years. What innovative and vibrant contribution can flow from it under such conditions? It was Mehbooba Mufti as Chief Minister, who, for the first time in 35 years called the meeting and took stock of the existing situation of the Academy. The fact of the matter is that the Academy could bring into its fold innumerable aspects of culture like  art, archaeology, linguistics, folklore, literature, drama, farce, artistic skills etc. that have enriched the overall cultural fund of the people of the region. It needs vision and energy to probe deep into social activities, past and present, and then present a cohesive picture of Kashmirian culture. We do not have a comprehensive history of Kashmiri civilization though we do have a rich fund of various aspects of the same but all scattered. We do not have any detailed history of numismatics, anthropology, and historiography and even a comprehensive and authentic political history of the State. It is the job of the Cultural Academy to address these matters and feed the people of the State and the country with colourful aspects of Kashmirian culture. In its first ever meeting in 35 years, the Governing Body has made some recommendations to resurrect the Academy. It is to infuse new blood in the veins of the Academy. These recommendations need to be implemented without further loss of time.


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