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Relief to young entrepreneurs

Day after day the number of vacancies for employment in the Government Departments is decreasing and the chances for the youth of getting a Government job are becoming not only bleak but rather impossible. The redeeming factor is that private entrepreneurship has fairly large scope in our country. The private sector has developed fairly well and is showing symptoms of considerable expansion in the years to come. Quite naturally, the youth in the country are no longer running after Government jobs for more than one reason. One is that these jobs are not coming forth that easy. Secondly, candidates generally feel skeptic about fairness of recruitment authorities. It is also true that Government job makes one lethargic and immune to the spirit of the times. Modern life is the life of speed and decision. The youth want to take a decision here and now and not wait endlessly.
The private sector and private enterprise are the right answer to the situation discussed above. The most conspicuous class of society of days to come will be the young entrepreneurs. India is a country of the youth and more than sixty per cent of our population comprise the youth below 35 years of age. This is tremendous manpower and they can do miracles. Giving a major relief to young entrepreneurs of the State, the Government decided to do away with cumbersome process of seeking NOCs from different departments for setting up a unit and simplifying it with a one page declaration at the time of setting up a unit. As per the decision taken, any entrepreneur would be required to fill in a single page declaration form only instead of going after Departments for issuing NOCs before starting a unit. However, the applicant would have to seek NOCs from Pollution Control Board and Electricity Department which also have to issue the same within 60 and 30 days respectively after which these departments would be presumed to have issued NOCs in favour of the unit holder. Undoubtedly  this new order will spare the new entrepreneurs the hassles of running from one office to another office for obtaining permission to set up a small   production unit.  Actually, sometimes back a delegation of young and energetic entrepreneurs had sought a meeting with the Chief Minister in which they had complained about a very cumbersome and time consuming procedure of obtaining permission from the concerned authorities to set up a new production unit. Another major decision taken in the meeting was to set up a specialized unit of JK Bank at EDI to facilitate the trained entrepreneurs in a single window mechanism by hassle free credit. Similar special desks and units would be set up at regional and district levels by the JK Bank. This would facilitate the entrepreneurs in easy accessibility to credit without going from one branch to another. This decision marks deviation from previous practice and hopefully the entrepreneurs will find much relief in this measure that makes their access to credits far more easy and hassle free.
We very much appreciate these steps of the Government in facilitating young entrepreneurs to the process of start-up and it must help and encourage them for bigger enterprise. However, apart from these incentives, there are other requirements that need to be provided.It would be better if an entrepreneurs park were established meaning that new aspirants and entrepreneurs were given space to work in a single complex where all available facilities would be provided. Secondly the supply of raw material to be utilized for the success of the unit should be ensured so that production process does not suffer unpredicted breaks or halts. Thirdly, the Government and especially the Department of Industries should also take into account that in case a new entrepreneur is faced with adverse circumstances owing to natural calamity or reasons beyond his or her control, he should be provided with some relief measures to help him restart his enterprise instead of forcing him to close down the unit. For example those who suffered during the floods of 2014 or during the unrest of 2016, need to be given special treatment. The banks should give them some sort of waiver and the Industries Department should also come forward with relief package for such cases.


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