Reforming examination systems

Rayaz Ahmad Malik
Free and fair conduct of exams boosts students’ education and development of nation. Education helps in developing mind to cope up with difficulties and helps in finding  solutions of the problems. An education system has three vital pillars i,e. teachings, examinations and evaluations. If a lapse or compromise is made in any one of the three, it results in collapsing of the whole education system. Government is focusing  on imparting quality education and introducing modern and innovative teaching-learning process in the classrooms for better understanding of the students and as a result significant improvement has been seen in the recent past.
At the same time some loopholes and inadequate arrangements in conducting of examinations are deteriorating the standard of the education system. In this regard a comprehensive system is required for free and fair conduct of the examinations. In the old days the examination system was quite strong, but unfortunately these standards have been lost. The reason is that we have thrown away the virtues of the free and fair conduct of the examinations. Today we see that superintendent and the staff in the examinations are involved in mass copying at many places and at some places people are seen perched on windows and handing over answers chits to students appearing for the exam inside. So a comprehensive system is required to maintain the sanctity of the examinations.
Although Secretary, School Education has taken the initiative for free and fair conduct of the examinations and even passed directions that the teachers/masters/lecturers of good repute, moral and conduct only shall be deputed for examination duty which is highly appreciating. In the present day education scenario, maintaining of sanctity and strengthening of the smooth conduct of examination has become a prime need for grooming of the students capabilities.
In this regard, some concrete measures have to be taken for the free and fair conduct of examinations by the JKBOSE on priority basis:
No one, except examiners present on duty be allowed beyond gates of the examination centers.
DMs and SSPs should be fully given the responsibility  to conduct free and fair examinations.
Superintendents should seal left over papers immediately after distribution to prevent any misuse.
Introducing CCTVs at sensitive places and deployment of forces in the examination centers should be made possible.
Stern action should be taken against the centre superintendent and staff where mass copying is found.
Supervisory staff deputed should not be from sports or non teaching background.
Stern action should be taken against the these institutional heads and staff who unduly favour people and create hurdles in the smooth conduct of the examination.
Adequate steps are also needed for the evaluations of the answer scripts besides proper secrecy measures and transparency. This would restore the sanctity of the examinations.
(The author teaches at BGSBU, Rajouri)